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The Pila Group of Companies – Project equity investors and consultants

An international project delivery & management and finance group

We consult on international project finance leading to the delivery of bespoke solutions. We operate primarily in countries within EMEA, principally in the infrastructure, property and HTL hotels, tourism & leisure sectors.

Community projects and charitable causes are additionally sourced through The Kinnin Foundation.

Pila Consulting has built up a considerable client base including major national and regional institutions, public and private entities, service providers and financial institutions.

Pila Consulting is wholly independent and able to select the best solution for its partners and clients from a wide range of products. We have a clear philosophy that is committed to getting the best for our projects and acting in a responsible and diligent manner.

Pila Consulting is made up of a diverse group of people with experience in a range of areas. Our services and operations are examined in the "About Us" page, and in the "Contact Us" section we provide our corporate data and contact details.

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